When I started out, I wanted to be Billy Joel. The plan was to be a singer-songwriter of that ilk, and, then, I got waylaid - that’s probably an unfair way to say it - from being a rock star by the musical theatre stuff, which I love doing.
— Jason Robert Brown

Harry N. Haines is a composer/lyricist and music director hailing from the great state of Georgia. Born in Atlanta in 1995, Haines spent much of his early childhood playing sports (very mediocrely) and collecting action figures. From a young age, Haines showed an interest in the arts, quickly becoming obsessed with the Star Wars universe, the classic rock music his father blared through the stereo every Saturday morning, and the art of storytelling at its very core; however, it wasn’t until he sat down and listened to the entire catalog of The Beatles for the first time that he knew exactly what he wanted to do, and that was to become a songwriter. From that moment on, Haines started learning to play new instruments, scribbling down lyrics, expanding his knowledge of music theory, and falling more and more in love with the process of composing with every passing day. Soon after, he began performing in plays during middle school, which led him to the colossal world of musical theatre, and from there, all the pieces began to fit together. With his blossoming passion for musical theatre composition, he was now combining his love for storytelling on a grand stage with the intricacies of songwriting. 


Years of practice and amateur work passed until Haines met his chief dramatist collaborator, the librettist and playwright, I.B. Hopkins. After their introduction in the summer of 2012, the pair began writing full-fledged musical theatre works, with a resume that now includes six shows in just four short years. Included in their list of shows are musicals such as the Vietnam Draft drama 258, commissioned children’s musicals like Bugaboo, Big Top, and an adaptation of Around the World in 80 Days, and perhaps of most note, their Jimmy Carter-UFO centered comedy, Jimmy!: A Musical Fable With Almost No Historical Basis, which was produced in an Off-Broadway theatre in August of 2014. In addition to his work with Hopkins, Haines independently writes his own musical theatre works, as well as spending some of his time as a singer-songwriter. Presently, he is preparing for the debut of his latest show, Ebenezer: A Reconstruction Concert in the fall of 2019, and is beginning a new musical to be detailed later!

 A graduate of the University of Georgia, Haines is a gigantic supporter of the Dawgs and thinks in a perfect world, the whole planet would be just like Athens, GA. Go Dawgs.