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Ebenezer: A Reconstruction Concert

Music and Lyrics: Harry N. Haines

Additional text: I.B. Hopkins

A musical centered around the betrayal at Ebenezer Creek, this show, in the style of a song cycle, explores what we do in the face of a hard truth, and how we pick up the pieces of who we thought we were — which in its own way, is an act of reconstruction. To be developed and premiered at the 2019 Atlanta Musical Theatre Festival.

All musicals with music by Harry N. Haines, book by I.B. Hopkins, and lyrics by Haines & Hopkins. Show blurbs written by I.B. Hopkins.

The Republic of Sandra (in development)

Our latest project is follows a small town Georgia mayor who sees no other option to save her community than to lead her rural county to secede from the Union. Sandra and her micro-nation of oddballs must contend with CSI infiltration, internal power-struggles, and teen love in this satirical musical about local government that goes off the rails. 

National Theatre for Student Artists, 2014.

National Theatre for Student Artists, 2014.

258: A Musical Drama

258, the first number drawn out of the Vietnam Draft Lottery, sent every young American male born on September 14 into the jungles of Southeast Asia from which so many did not return. The hand of fate? Perhaps, but for four couples grappling with love, war, and all things slipping away over the final weekend before sending their boys off to Basic Training one questions hangs over it all: What if they had a war... and no one came?

Jimmy! A Musical Fable with Almost No Historical Basis

President Jimmy Carter, while governor of the great state of Georgia, witnessed a UFO sighting in 1969 -- fact. Through the antics of his no-'count brother, Billy, Jimmy will have to contend with his conscience, the press, a killer rabbit, and a few more tentacles than he bargained for in this warm and bawdy musical comedy. 

SPECIAL NOTE: National Theatre for Student Artists 2014 Selection, with production in off-Broadway theater.

We Three Queens (A Holiday Drag Spectacular with Traditional Family Values)

The Sweet Queen, a house of drag burlesque, has fallen on hard times when headliner Mimosa loses her nerve, and the show falls flat. Madam Unity faces an aggressive buy out from a fried chicken chain with traditional family values. When Mimosa hatches a plan to launch her son Evan into the spotlight, tensions will flair, glitter will fly, and jocks will be strapped. Will Mimosa’s jealousy gets the better of him? Will the Sweet Queen stay open through Christmas? And what does it even mean to be a family?

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